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Multispectral sensor, coming soon, March 2016

Introducing our unique and powerful multispectral sensor, specially designed for agri-business.

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Using An Autonomous eBee Drone For Mining Exploration


In this exclusive senseFly Customer Story, Dave Cox of Ground Truth Exploration explains how the company employs innovative low-impact technologies, such as the autonomous eBee mapping drone (or UAV), to prospect for minerals in the Yukon, Canada. Learn more about the use of drones in mining: Learn more about Ground Truth Exploration:

Elevation over the snow

Another advantage of a drone versus a stereo satellite image is the perfect acquisition of elevation data over the snow:

Open pit winter_elevation_700

Drone Surveying a 250 km Corridor in Western Australia

Geospatial projects don’t get more intense than Survey Group’s eBee RTK drone survey of the Talawana Track road, with its enormous scale, complex logistics, dusty terrain and threat of bird attacks.

This video, created using Postflight Terra 3D, shows part of the resulting 3D point cloud:

Stephane and his fans in Peru

Unfortunately, that ebee crushed against a mountain caused by the strong wind, but the kids found all the pieces.