Earth information processed by experts

Here you will find some examples of image and elevation data, some taken and processed by us and some taken by other ebee users community. All industries are welcome.

  • 1) An RGB orthomosaic of a corn field generated from senseFly drone imagery & Pix4Dmapper software.
  • 2) A digital surface model of the same field. “Look at how clear the pivot tracks are compared to the orthomosaic,
  • 3) This crop surface map of full-canopy corn was generated from the UAV-sourced .las format DSM; blue shows the tallest corn, orange shows bare earth.
  • 4) Topography: Purple shows highest ground, red lowest.
  • 5) Relative biomass map of the field. In red in the lower-left corner, and the gravel ridges running through the field have resulted in shorter corn, evidenced by the light to dark-green streaks running diagonally.
  • 6) Management zones, derived from many sources of data, delineate yield potential. The red areas have the lowest yield potential, the purple areas the highest.
  • 1) Infotierra. Mineral exporation camp location.
  • 2) Infotierra. Previous camp details, image 4cm resolution.
  • 3) Infotierra. Copper mine, northern Chile.
  • 4) Infotierra. Copper processing plant - detail.
  • 5) SenseFly. 3D view in a mining area.
  • 6) SenseFly. Swiss gravel quarry was collected by a single eBee drone with RGB camera. 5 cm pixel.
  • 7) Perfect elevation data over a snowed open pit.
Real Estate
  • 1) Infotierra. Ensenada, Los Vilos, Chile.
  • 2) Infotierra. Chile. Canal Om, Yoga retreat.
  • 3) Infotierra. Chile. Canal Om, Yoga retreat. Detail.
  • 4) SenseFly. Swiss village (Merlishachen). The imagery was collected during a single eBee drone flight.
  • 5) SenseFly. Isometric 3D reconstruction of a small village.
  • 1) SenseFly. Greg Gravesen is an experienced traffic accident reconstruction specialist. Employing a fixed-wing mapping drone has revolutionised his work.
  • 2) Infotierra. Ecuador, Water resources managemet.
  • 3) Infotierra. Ecuador, Water resources managemet. Detail from previous images.
  • 4) SenseFly. When an Amtrak train went off its tracks in the forests outside of Northfield, Vermont, Oct. 5, state authorities needed pictures of the site to determine how best to respond and to document the damage for later investigations.
Play it yourself in 3D mode:

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