Earth information processed by experts

The best way of getting a quotation is contacting us explaining briefly what kind of project you are working on, the size of the site and the general location. Then we will find the best professional of our team to call you back for further details.

Just for you tranquility, the cost of this image + elevation data, is in many cases, less expensive and a lot faster than a satellite image, or a field work.

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To plan the flight, we use preliminar elevation data and a software called
eMotion 2.
This way we define first the size of the pixel we need to get to accomplish with the requirements of the client.

Then other parameters like the frequency and distance between flight lines are defined, together with the appropriate areas for taking off and landing.
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The flight, in the case of the ebbe, as a difference with other kinds of drone, is not managed with remote control, so the possibilities of having an accident are almost none.

All the parameters of the flight have already meticulously planned and monitored while flying through the same software for planning

eMotion 2.
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The post-process of the data is one of the most delicate steps, and for an accurate hight quality product it is necessary to count on many years os experience.

Our experts team will make here the difference for sure. Many software are used in this step, the first one is Postflight Terra 3D, professional photogrammetry software.
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Final product:

We will deliver the data in more than one resolution and coordinate systems if required by the client.

  • Images + DEM format :TIF
  • Map with coordinates grid in ArcGIS 2D
  • Map in ArcGIS ArcScene 3D
  • Image KMZ for Google Earth
  • Imagen JPG for any pictures software
  • Originals, all the originals files, each photo taken individually previous to mosaic.
  • Elevation contours SHP format for ArcGIS
  • Map in high resolution in PDF

Ask for other formats

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Once we count on a hight resolution image and elevation data, we are in condition of overly the rest of layers with the relevant información for the project.

This can be done in 2D or in 3D, whether if it is an over surface project or an underground one.

We offer Geographical Information System consultancy services.
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